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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore's dvd on Global Warming

just made me think again why al gore didn't win the election...
and on top of that bush won twice..
i can't seem to find the right answer to it.

actually what i'm concerned about the most is how come i am not the president of USA even't though you can't spell USAMA without USA.
i should at least establish the USA Mortgate Association and make lots of money...

either way it wouldn't hurt to watch this dvd on global warming.
(well actually it hurts to watch that..)

so like people don't even believe that's happening right now or something?
especially bush... don't think anything other than what's happening immediately and never thinks about future? i hope people realize what it means to be "selfish"

in my opinion people who thinks only about the immediate future are selfish.
human got alot more to do nowadays whether you like it or not.

and the music on it is awesome.
it's like godspeed you black emperor. strings, guitars, and some weird voice, etc, etc.
love that stuff...

from dvd:
number of scientist who disagreed that we are causing global warming 0%
number of press who were not sure about the fact that we are causing global warming 53%
so yeah like he was saying just let people know that you are part of the cause.
USA ranks the highest contributors to the global warming.

another thing i need to point out is that this DVD was released in 2006
in Japan, this kind of thing had been said almost 10 years ago as i've learned these issues when i was in middle school. and that probably is true for most countries except US for some stupid reason like industry will be fucked up economy blah. pure sign of laziness. irresponsible child. that's what i meant by "you are selfish" if you didn't get it.