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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Very Interesting Video. Music is what struck me the most though.

it's nicely un-natural. i like this kind of electronic element. very emotional or compelling.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore's dvd on Global Warming

just made me think again why al gore didn't win the election...
and on top of that bush won twice..
i can't seem to find the right answer to it.

actually what i'm concerned about the most is how come i am not the president of USA even't though you can't spell USAMA without USA.
i should at least establish the USA Mortgate Association and make lots of money...

either way it wouldn't hurt to watch this dvd on global warming.
(well actually it hurts to watch that..)

so like people don't even believe that's happening right now or something?
especially bush... don't think anything other than what's happening immediately and never thinks about future? i hope people realize what it means to be "selfish"

in my opinion people who thinks only about the immediate future are selfish.
human got alot more to do nowadays whether you like it or not.

and the music on it is awesome.
it's like godspeed you black emperor. strings, guitars, and some weird voice, etc, etc.
love that stuff...

from dvd:
number of scientist who disagreed that we are causing global warming 0%
number of press who were not sure about the fact that we are causing global warming 53%
so yeah like he was saying just let people know that you are part of the cause.
USA ranks the highest contributors to the global warming.

another thing i need to point out is that this DVD was released in 2006
in Japan, this kind of thing had been said almost 10 years ago as i've learned these issues when i was in middle school. and that probably is true for most countries except US for some stupid reason like industry will be fucked up economy blah. pure sign of laziness. irresponsible child. that's what i meant by "you are selfish" if you didn't get it.


Friday, November 17, 2006 - eCommerce video

i was just watching this tutorial on eCommerce by

eCommerce Tutorial
*you will have to be a subscriber to watch the whole thing.

awesome. this just made everything clear about accepting credit cards online. what i had to do and what needs to happen to make the site secure...i've been searching forever and talking to people but it hasn't been happening. i've looked for simple, concise tutorial on the subject but couldn't find it until now.

thanks to i'm ready to start building a real thing.

Monday, November 13, 2006

midphase - thief

so yes these people are theives and have horrible customer support so don't ever sign up with thinks that their service is good but is not good at all.

i warned you. never ever sign up with them.

to give you what kind of host they are.. they have numerous "fake review site" saying that they are good! and that's their marketing strategy. their fake review sites tell stuff like "customer reviews" "5 positive, 0 negative reviews" and "high quality" blah blah blah and that's how they try to win your initial trust over. yeah for a year and new customer they can be good because you dont' know whole a lot about them. but if you stay with them for a year they suddenly becomes horrible host. their server is down all the time nowadays and just as a host not good either.
back in the days maybe.. two years ago they were good but not anymore. stay away from this one. and again but their customer support SUCKS!

also they are cheap but they are seriously cheap. they have numerous links or buttons inside of their control panel saying "order" bad thing is that they are mostly no refund option. once you click on it you won't get your money back.
they say they will issue refund bla blahy blah in the email but in the end they won't. they just say stuff in the email.

those two hosts. just never sign up with them. i told you already. remember this. and are both thieves.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

AdSense Widget for Mac OS X Tiger Users

i have found AdSense Tracking widget for Mac OS X.

it's a widget so only Tiger or 10.4.x users can take advantage of this neat budget.
AdSense Stat please be sure to download this widget if you are using adsense.

• No log-in from browser when you check your AdSense revenue.
• Shows you report for past 5 days and its total and average.

it's small app so simply that's all there is but saves your time when you just want to see how your AdSense is doing. In the end, it does its job.

Articles that i wanted to keep from

i've just decided to create a post to create a link list on articles on that i will refer back regularly.

These are well documented, bullet point, How-To articles on making money, drawing traffic, etc.

for now from what i've read and time that i have on hand, this much should be enough. They are, in my opinion, priceless blog posts for new bloggers like myself. - helping bloggers earn money

I have been reading articles for past two days like crazy. I just couldn't sleep just because i was too excited. has generalized, ethical approach to making money on blogs. It did well applied to me and so it should to you all who's reading.

if you have questions like:
  • Does blog really make money?
  • What is the best way to make money on blog?
  • How do you draw traffic to your blog?
  • Should you blog for money? or for fun/friends?
  • What kind of method should i use to blog?
  • To make money on blog what kind of services should i use?
  • What is adsense?
  • I'm a beginner, where should i start? then you should go right into Blogging for Beginnes.

as you can see in here, there are many topics he's been writing over years. His effort and contributions to blogging are huge. Take a look at his blog, if you are thinking to start or just you are trying to find out what blogging is and its potential.

Ecto - Mac OS X tool for Blogging

I just downloaded this blog tool called Ecto for macintosh. Blogger's web interface is very easy to use but yeah it is kind of tedious if you are managing multiple blogs.

  • Switching between multiple blogs, multiple blog acounts
  • Undo - just like word
  • Email client like interface
  • Amazon, iTunes, iPhoto integration
  • Save Draft Feature - you can store couple of posts before you actually post them
  • HTML/Rich Text editor - you could code yourself / just format using their special editors.
  • Amazon codes previously made didn't show up correctly
  • Still kind of buggy. it runs fine but small small errors. (one or two that i've found)

i haven't been using so i can't tell but i think this is pretty cool tool to have. it is just $17.95. i will try for like 20 days and maybe i'll purchase or not i will figure out later.

If you haven't checked it out go to Ecto web site to download and give it a try.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Search Engine Keyword - Online Casino

i have found a video on how to search for keywords.

on this Pro he has posted so many tips on making money. this site is very good. main topic is about making money with blogs but he do post stuff that i can see that he has ethical considerations.

as that high pay keywords are things like... online gambling, las vegas, casino, black jack card games, money, porn, etc etc you know where all the money it's kind of like selling soul if you are not into that stuff. if you wanna blog about casino, las vegas and such then.. yeah maybe.. but i don't know how good they will be for money.

anyway, i'm reading post on making money on blog for beginners and it seems to be pretty good.

also, Joel Comm is the guy... he has couple of books/ebooks so be sure to check him out...
as i mensioned before his book is..

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Insiders, Robert Kiyosaki

i'm a member of RDPD Insiders. i find this money making trend lectures very interesting.

you can learn things like differences between gold and dollars. currency and money. what's the trend now in his keen insights. more things.

i see lots of people trying to make money but fails becuase of number of reasons. Robert Kiyosaki points out very interesting points on this subject.

study history of money, when to invest in commodities, such as oil, gold, silver, when to go for some equities, etc etc. just priceless infomation.

If you read this blog, you want to pick up at least one of his book. they are all just amazing. easy to follow, yet gives you the attitude for aquiring money. even if you are a sucker now at this subject you'll become something. i'm still learning lots of things but these book are true eye opener.

Original. first book you should read.

talks about investing. what to look for etc. how not to get ripped off.. how to analyze ( not in technical details but the approach of it)

great start point. to know where you are at right now and what you need to do to become successful.

what's needed to own your own corporation

How do you aquire money for your business. whether through your own? or actually someone elses. but how? go pick up this book. Talks about resourse and money, how money affects us in business.

buy and sell business. how..what..