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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ecto - Mac OS X tool for Blogging

I just downloaded this blog tool called Ecto for macintosh. Blogger's web interface is very easy to use but yeah it is kind of tedious if you are managing multiple blogs.

  • Switching between multiple blogs, multiple blog acounts
  • Undo - just like word
  • Email client like interface
  • Amazon, iTunes, iPhoto integration
  • Save Draft Feature - you can store couple of posts before you actually post them
  • HTML/Rich Text editor - you could code yourself / just format using their special editors.
  • Amazon codes previously made didn't show up correctly
  • Still kind of buggy. it runs fine but small small errors. (one or two that i've found)

i haven't been using so i can't tell but i think this is pretty cool tool to have. it is just $17.95. i will try for like 20 days and maybe i'll purchase or not i will figure out later.

If you haven't checked it out go to Ecto web site to download and give it a try.


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