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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Podcast Hack

i actually did a lecture on podcast today.

i found this book to be extremely helpful when creating podcast.

this book explains what you need to start, run, produce, promote etc etc about podcast.

you have topic to discuss but not sure how you can make it interesting, how you can organize the podcast. go to this book.
you don't really know what or how to look for topic but want to start or consider doint it... go pick up this book.
you already produce but looking for tools or way to enhance your podcast shows go pick up this book.
you already started and everything is ready but don't know how to publish and promote? go pick up this book

for $15~16 you get TONs of infomation. it's the all in one BIBLE for podcast. period.


talks about how to record a Skype conversation and turn that into podcast. so this let you do tons of things.
like just do a quiz, conference recording and publish that. you know how useful that actually is even for a company.

different types of podcasts: news, beercast, review, political, narrative, quiz/games, etc etc.

just look at this book for all you need. you won't regret it..


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