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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Insiders, Robert Kiyosaki

i'm a member of RDPD Insiders. i find this money making trend lectures very interesting.

you can learn things like differences between gold and dollars. currency and money. what's the trend now in his keen insights. more things.

i see lots of people trying to make money but fails becuase of number of reasons. Robert Kiyosaki points out very interesting points on this subject.

study history of money, when to invest in commodities, such as oil, gold, silver, when to go for some equities, etc etc. just priceless infomation.

If you read this blog, you want to pick up at least one of his book. they are all just amazing. easy to follow, yet gives you the attitude for aquiring money. even if you are a sucker now at this subject you'll become something. i'm still learning lots of things but these book are true eye opener.

Original. first book you should read.

talks about investing. what to look for etc. how not to get ripped off.. how to analyze ( not in technical details but the approach of it)

great start point. to know where you are at right now and what you need to do to become successful.

what's needed to own your own corporation

How do you aquire money for your business. whether through your own? or actually someone elses. but how? go pick up this book. Talks about resourse and money, how money affects us in business.

buy and sell business. how..what..


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