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Friday, November 17, 2006 - eCommerce video

i was just watching this tutorial on eCommerce by

eCommerce Tutorial
*you will have to be a subscriber to watch the whole thing.

awesome. this just made everything clear about accepting credit cards online. what i had to do and what needs to happen to make the site secure...i've been searching forever and talking to people but it hasn't been happening. i've looked for simple, concise tutorial on the subject but couldn't find it until now.

thanks to i'm ready to start building a real thing.

Monday, November 13, 2006

midphase - thief

so yes these people are theives and have horrible customer support so don't ever sign up with thinks that their service is good but is not good at all.

i warned you. never ever sign up with them.

to give you what kind of host they are.. they have numerous "fake review site" saying that they are good! and that's their marketing strategy. their fake review sites tell stuff like "customer reviews" "5 positive, 0 negative reviews" and "high quality" blah blah blah and that's how they try to win your initial trust over. yeah for a year and new customer they can be good because you dont' know whole a lot about them. but if you stay with them for a year they suddenly becomes horrible host. their server is down all the time nowadays and just as a host not good either.
back in the days maybe.. two years ago they were good but not anymore. stay away from this one. and again but their customer support SUCKS!

also they are cheap but they are seriously cheap. they have numerous links or buttons inside of their control panel saying "order" bad thing is that they are mostly no refund option. once you click on it you won't get your money back.
they say they will issue refund bla blahy blah in the email but in the end they won't. they just say stuff in the email.

those two hosts. just never sign up with them. i told you already. remember this. and are both thieves.